3-2-1: 60 Minute Scrum

Short review of

60 Minute Scrum

by Stewart Lancaster

3 sentence personal summary of book:

Scrum is a self-proclaimed “empirical” method of making progress. Scrum teams are normally¬†5 to 9 people that meet daily for the “daily scrum” for a maximum of 15 minutes, and a longer weekly scrum to organize the work going to be done for the week. Scrum team consist of 3 main roles: Scrum Master(servant leader), Scrum Product Owner(liaison between team and stakeholders), Scrum Team Members (the individual professionals performing the incremental progress).

2 quotations:

“Anyone working in the projects space today will no doubt be familiar with the pressure to deliver¬†too much with too few resources.”

“Scrum is a light-weight framework built predominantly on Agile principles which has often been described as ‘easy to learn, hard to master’.”

A picture representation Scrum:


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