3-2-1: One Mission

3-sentence summary review of

One Mission: How Leaders Build a Team of Teams

by Chris Fussell and C.W. Goodyear

3 sentence summary of book:

New changes in business has allowed new ways to communicate within a company. Easy communication across the company can facilitate a more agile workforce. Most importantly, communication between different parts of the communication hierarchy (commander vs recruit) should be often and easy for optimal effect.

2 quotations:

“As you move up and achieve ever-greater success, the world will constantly push you to assume the archetype of a lauded, lone hero. The world will inflate your ego and give you individual credit for battles won by shared effort. Giving in to this temptation will be a detriment to your enterprise.”

“As the number of choices grows further, the negatives escalate until we become overloaded. At this point, choice no longer liberates, but debilitates.”

1 picture summary, because birds demonstrate insane organizational agility when they fly like this:


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